Victory Express Soccer Club

Washington, PA (724) 225-6116

Spring 2017

Victory Express Philosophy




Victory Express is committed toward providing a soccer environment that significantly enhances the technical, tactical, and competitive advancement of young players throughout the key stages of their physical and cognitive development. From their first steps into the competitive world of cup soccer to their final preparation for the demands of playing at the college level, Victory Express ensures every player receives the guidance and instruction necessary for a successful transition to their next level of play.

The coaching staff at Victory Express, which includes some of the most qualified, experienced, and successful college coaches in the region, is dedicated toward maximizing the potential of every player in a nurturing, professional and, most importantly, enjoyable soccer environment.

While the ultimate goal of every competitive cup program is success on the field, Victory Express is proud that our success is not only measured by the many trophies and titles we have won, but also by the outstanding young men and women that graduate from our club. It is the maturity, integrity, and quality exhibited by our players, both on the soccer field and in life, which is the ultimate legacy of the Victory Express experience.